Who are we?

Sanasilta Oy is a small and flexible translation company specialising in medicine and health care, psychology, education, environmental issues and culture.

What do we do?

Our experienced team can translate from English, German, Italian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian to Finnish. In addition, we can supply certified translations from English, German and Italian to Finnish.

What does it cost?

Our fees are based on the length of the text or the hours of work input (actual or estimated). The unit fee applicable varies depending on the source language, the degree of difficulty and the extent of the assignment. We should be pleased to give you a quotation next time you need any translation services.

Where to contact us

Sanasilta Oy
Enebackantie 16
FIN-07945 Kuggom

Phone: +358-19-545 191
E-mail: sanasilta-info@sanasilta.fi

Katriina Mähönen, Authorised Translator
Tiina Ohinmaa, Translator

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